Comprehensive eBusiness Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

If you have the Commitment and Desire to launch your eCommerce website we have the experience and expertise to make it success!
Robust Ecommerce Strategy and Consulting: – We evaluate your business goals and offer customized e-business strategies.
Effective Ecommerce Designing: – We build a User Interface Design (UID) to enhance online sales, brand loyalty and consumer engagement.
Ecommerce Technology: – We design customized and affordable shopping cart solutions.
Online Marketing: – We offer online marketing services that address every aspect of internet marketing.


Give your users the most simplistic online experience where they can Choose, Pay and Receive the product instantly and without any hassle! That’s doing online shopping with Just Clicks. A good design is a best way to communicate your point across, we become your best assistant in building your first ecommerce interface between you and your customers. The perceived image of your e-selling is your website which we develop very beautifully. Your ecommerce website should be built in such a way that your customers handle your ecommerce site without any hassles and confusions, customers enjoys & love the shopping experiences of eCommerce portals we build.

Website & Portal Development

We Build Smarter Stuff!

Our Web design and Website Development process commences with a detailed study of your business & target audience. By exploring every aspect of your business and your marketing message, we strive hard to deliver a solid website information architecture. Our team then uses the latest state of art technologies such as Twitter Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to develop your website. Our web development experts also create Flexible Fluid Web Designs and mobile websites to ensure your website works beautifully on all devices and screen sizes. Our Websites are built using latest technologies like HTML5 & CSS3. Rendering of our website in any web browsers will be fast.

Why You Need Web Portal Development?

You want to manage business from anywhere in the world?
You want a web portal development solution that caters to a specific industry niche?
You want portal web portal development services that caters to your domain expertise but covers innumerable businesses and sectors?
You need a platform to disburse information and exchanges on a large scale?
You want a solution that is a coming together of diverse ecommerce functions/applications on a single website?
You are looking for full-fledged web portal development company with web enterprise solutions that are beyond the scope of an ordinary website?

Application Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of Applications due to frequently changing business requirements can turn out to be a complicated time consuming and an expensive process for any IT organization. To manage this business need many of our clients have taken the help of JTX expertise in Application Maintenance & Support Services. JTX Ltd. provides end-to-end Application Management, Support and Maintenance services exclusively customized to the needs for our customers. We have proven track record in handling multi-platform software application management engagements across the globe for various industries. We research continously on latest technologies & best practices and implement them in our maintenance services which makes our client to stay on top always.

Application Maintenance

JTX establishes a better control over IT expenditures and better align business priorities to IT activity via a closer look at client's internal processes for maintaining existing applications. Status quo isn’t good enough anymore; the way in which organizations perform application maintenance is generally too inefficient and costly to continue.
JTX Application Maintenance solutions combines the strength of our globally recognized expertise, highly experienced resource pool and our vast Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) experience to significantly increase flexibility, productivity and savings in client's business.


What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a service that makes the online shopping experience easy for both shop owners and customers. When a customer places an order with your online shop, you send that order to the dropshipper, who takes care of the rest. At JXT Dropshipping, we pull, package, and send the correct products to your customers so you don’t have to.

Most importantly, dropshipping means that there’s no need for you to buy inventory in advance. No warehouses or other facilities are required for your business to operate smoothly and efficiently, and you only pay for what you sell. No risk and no unnecessary costs means you have the time and money to focus on growing.

What does it mean for you?

Starting your online business or growing your existing e-shop can be a daunting challenge involving significant time and expense. Buying bulk to get the best prices and warehousing your inventory are expensive propositions. If a product proves unpopular, you’re left holding the bag, with tons of inventory you have to sell at a loss. Why take the risk? At JXT, we understand the challenges involved in online business and are committed to making the growth of your venture as easy as possible. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur needing to keep start-up costs low, looking to expand your existing online catalogue and product line, looking to test new products, or in search of product validation before investment, our Dropshipping services are the solution you’ve been looking for.

What are the benefits?

Money: With JXT Dropshipping, you won’t have to worry about buying or storing inventory. And since you only pay for what you sell, you’ll never be concerned about merchandise that isn’t moving off the shelves. You can validate the selling potential of a product before purchasing it in bulk, allowing you to test demand before you invest in the supply, with no supply costs or overhead to worry about.

Time: It’s easy – you receive an order, pass it on, and we do the rest. No more wasting time looking for, packaging, or sending inventory. JXT Dropshipping gives you the flexibility to experiment and refine your offer, which gives you time to focus on what works.

Expansion: No overhead risks or unnecessary costs means that driving traffic and expanding your business will be easier than ever.

Why JXT?

Why JXT?

JXT Dropshipping has garnered vast knowledge in high-quality e-commerce development and marketing through our decades of experience, and we know what the needs of modern online business owners are. We created JXT Dropshipping to combat the increasing overhead costs, evolving product trends, and high level of competition that e-shop owners deal with in today’s marketplace. In other words, JXT Dropshipping was created to cater to small business owners – we want to help you become quick, agile, and courageous in your endeavors by alleviating risks and slashing costs.

Once you’re online and selling, we are dedicated to helping you increase your profit margins, reduce risk and cut out the middleman. Our dropshipping services eliminate the need for you to carry expensive inventory – instead, we ship the products you sell online direct to your customer. By taking care of ordering, inventory, and logistics management, you can expand your offer and your profits without increasing your overhead.

Why take the risk?

With JXT Dropshipping, you no longer need to purchase inventory up front or deal with middlemen who cut your profit margin. As a dropshipper, we bring the products you sell direct from the wholesaler or manufacturer direct to your customer’s door. With JXT’s Dropshipping facilities, we pick, pack and ship your products, managing the order, inventory, and logistics for you so you can focus on what counts: expanding your customer base and growing your business. You’ll never have to purchase inventory up front or be exposed to the risks if products don’t sell again. You take the order, and we fulfill it. It’s as simple as that. No more middlemen, no more headaches, no more overhead, no more risks.

With JXT Dropshipping, you’ll be able to sell an extensive range of best-selling inventory without the worries that usually come with it. Enjoy flexibility, ease, and security while you never worry about logistics, inventory, or delivery schedules again. We want to help you accomplish your goals of building your customer base, increasing sales, and driving traffic quickly and easily.

Software Project Management

Though it varies by industry, IT spend represents a significant percent of revenue for virtually all businesses and the majority of that spend is for software project management & integration. Project management not only keeps the lights on in every phase of software development, but it also helps in the enhancements and improvements to existing processes.Better project management practices provides clients the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry. JTX Project Mangement support service ensures the stability of software applications development and IT systems enhancements according to the client’s operational requirements and provides business process improvement solutions as per client’s request.Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects.

Software Project Management is a discipline in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled in a highly efficient & effective manner. JTX Project Management provides lot of Project Management services to clients.
Our Major Project Management Services inclues:
   -Project Management for new applications
   -Project Management for existing applications
   -Establishing Project Management Offices - PMO
   -Implementing Best Practices of Project Management

We are specialist in:
   -Project Risk Management
   -Project Quality Management
   -Project Scope & Time Management